The Marketing & Sales Show ME

The Marketing & Sales Show ME

Sep 18, 2019 - 3 min read



The Region’s only dedicated, free to attend Tech event for the marketing and sales functions, both B2B and B2C

It’s no news that technology is changing every aspect of our day to day lives, as well as our working lives.

For marketers, tech developments in the last ten years, have changed the function beyond recognition, driven by analytics, automation and big data. #MarketingTech is more than just a buzzword; it’s changing how we interact with our customers, how we use and protect our customer data, and how we remain relevant in a digitally-savvy world. Similarly, for sales managers, analytics, cloud computing and digital sales strategies, are making the sales cycle, shorter, smarter and more efficient.

Sales and marketing always seem to have had a chalk and cheese relationship. As companies implement better sales enablement platforms, the sales and marketing team’s interactions are beginning to require a deeper integration and heightened collaboration.

Using advanced analytics and machine learning, marketing is making it easier for the sales team to connect with the customer, reducing the number of cold leads and making the process of closing deals faster for the sales team.

Account-based marketing and account-based sales is a trend we can expect to see stick around for years to come. It involves the orchestration across marketing, account management, business development and C-suite; the entire team must take responsibility and work in coordination to deliver value through customisation and personalisation.

The marketing & sales show event consists of six co-located shows:

• Marketing Tech
• B2B Marketing
• B2C Marketing
• Sales Innovation & Strategy
• SME University
• CMO Summit

The Marketing & Sales Show is the platform for the entire marketing and sales ecosystem to debate, discuss and develop ideas.
Get involved with The Marketing & Sales Show and make it your most productive business and networking opportunity of the year. 

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