How to Get Your Brand Featured on the World's Largest Screen "Burj Khalifa"

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Burj Khalifa HD Screen Facade

How to Get Your Brand Featured on the World's Largest Screen "Burj Khalifa"

Burj Khalifa HD Screen Facade

From the World's Tallest Screen, help your audience grasp the spirit of your brand. Bisdesk's innovative technology platform, as well as strategic partnerships with numerous major brands, have helped us to become the most sought-after End-to-End solution provider for all space booking needs. Several high-profile campaigns, including Samsung, Cartier, Huawei, and Walt Disney, have used the world's highest tower's façade to promote their brands at the highest level. More recently, Bisdesk enabled a spectacular global premiere of "The Biggest Festival of Flowers" on the Burj Khalifa as well. Predefined guidelines are to be followed to ensure content produced is compatible with the media surface of Burj Khalifa. Music can be added to the display, the video cannot be synced with the Dubai Fountains. 2 main templates can be used - Perspective View & Pixel Accurate. Each of the templates have their benefits, both are viable options for the playback system. Our advisors can help you choose the right template in accordance to your needs.

Some of our recent projects:

Festival of flowers Global Launch

Bisdesk enabled a spectacular global premiere of "The Biggest Festival of Flowers" on the Burj Khalifa. The song used for the premiere was composed by Academy Award and Golden Globe winner A. R. Rahman, and is his first-ever song to be screened on the iconic tower. 

We spearheaded the complete content design & production, photography, and videography and facilitated the booking and management of a diverse variety of arrangements, including event space selection and booking, meeting room bookings, workspace selection and allocation for business delegations, management teams, and event artists, as well as the booking of the entire Burj Khalifa screen showcasing the global launch video for invited delegates and local people gathered by Address Downtown Hotel. Several senior dignitaries and corporate delegates from India and the UAE attended the high-profile event.

Click here to watch: FULL VIDEO - Unique festival of flowers screened on Burj Khalifa by

Seven Capitals - Global Expansion Celebration 

Seven Capitals, a leading trading platform that is expanding globally, required a special screening to be showcased on the Burj Khalifa to celebrate their tremendous success. Our team was thrilled to be able to execute the entire event including complete conceptualisation, design & production of the projection along with comprehensive photography and videography coverage of the event. 

Bisdesk team was also entrusted with the booking of the projection and also executed the booking of the event artists, content projection & filming artists.

Click here to watch: Partnership: Bisdesk X Seven Capitals

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