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Building No 760,West Main Road,Sathamangalam,India

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Published on January 2022


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Building No 760,West Main Road,Sathamangalam,India
About This Workspace
Madurai, one of the important cities in Tamil Nadu is richly known for its ancient history, stories and events from several kingdoms. The city is tagged as the food and cultural centre of the southern state as it includes a variety of food variations and cultural skills.

Apart from being a cultural live wire; it is a buzzing commercial zone with multiple businesses functioning across the city.

Industries and businesses belonging to different segments can switch their pattern of work to shared office space in Madurai; as it is a quick as well as a hassle free way to conduct a business.

Businesses both IT and Non-IT based can opt for workspace options that suit their functioning requirements. There may need offices with limited seats and amenities; so they can choose shared office spaces from MyBranch which is the newest offering in Madurai.

MyBranch has several office space solutions on offer within the busy areas of Madurai; making it simple for businesses to expand their options without burning their pockets. We can also work on a specialised managed office space in case of you being a solo brand, wanting a solo office space.

Opting an office space with MyBranch can avail personalised office setup of a virtual office space for GST registration; which otherwise can be a tedious engagement.

The co-working property in Madurai is also an attraction for individual professionals such as freelancers; as they can have their dedicated desk as per their needs. MyBranch has an identical look and feel for all their office spaces that gives a perfect ambiance of both a relaxed working space.

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Private office
Hybrid Workspace / Private Office

Building No 760 ,West Main Road
Sathamangalam ,India

26,000.00 INR / Month