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Kai. Abasaheb R. R. Patil Vyapari Sankool,,Lane Number 6,Dhule,India

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Published on February 2022


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Kai. Abasaheb R. R. Patil Vyapari Sankool,,Lane Number 6,Dhule,India
About This Workspace
Dhule is a major city in Maharashtra state, India, located in the Dhule District in the northwestern part of the state known as West Khandesh. It is the county seat of the Dhule District. The hotel is located on the banks of the Panzara River. Dhule is rapidly emerging as one of the state's upcoming textile, edible oil, and power-loom hubs. It has gained a strategic advantage by being located at the intersection of three National Highways, namely NH-3, NH-6, and NH-211, as well as the Manmad-Indore Rail Project, which is highly anticipated.

Additionally, Dhule city is a part of the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project, serving as Node - 17, which is India's most ambitious infrastructure programme, with the goal of developing new industrial cities and converging next-generation technologies across various infrastructure sectors. Dhule is well-known for producing the purest'milk and ghee,' having the most cultivable land and producing the most groundnut, being the leader in agro-based industries, and being the leader in wind power generation.

MyBranch provides coworking and shared office space in Dhule that is fully equipped with everything your company requires. Obtaining a fully furnished office space with a perfect fit-out has become much easier. We provide office space in the most convenient locations, in a business-oriented and professional environment. We design your workspace to meet the specific requirements of your company.

When you use MyBranch, you can choose from three different types of workspace: Managed Office Space, Shared Office Space, and Virtual Offices.

It is possible to have a Managed Office when you want us to look for a suitable office location, personalise the space layout, handle licencing and registration, as well as manage your office with housekeeping, for you. Shared Workspace is a partitioned space within a coworking office space that you can use for your business. It provides you with privacy, a space for your branding, and the ability to maintain client confidentiality. When you only require an office address but do not have a physical location for GST registration and mailing services, you can use a virtual office. We provide you with a virtual office that includes a local phone number and a team of professionals who will answer your important calls and deal with your mail. We provide stunning workspaces for freelancers, small businesses, as well as large corporations and organisations, among others.

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Kai. Abasaheb R. R. Patil Vyapari Sankool, ,Lane Number 6
Dhule ,India

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