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Angan Annexe Commercial Coop soc Ltd,Bareja,Bareja,India

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Published on February 2022


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Angan Annexe Commercial Coop soc Ltd,Bareja,Bareja,India
About This Workspace
Bareja is a town in the Indian state of Gujarat, approximately 20 kilometres (12 miles) from Ahmedabad. It is located halfway between Kheda and Ahmedabad.

The advantage of renting a coworking space in Bareja is that you will have access to all of the latest amenities that your company requires. The offices are fully furnished and air-conditioned, providing you with a business and professional atmosphere right out of the box. Not only that, but you can also get a shared workspace that is tailored to your specific requirements.

In addition to a shared workspace, we offer Virtual Office Space, which is appealing to many individuals who work from home. When you need a quick business address with a local phone number at your desired location without having to physically be there, the virtual office is at the top of the list. The members of our team are always available at your virtual office to take your important phone calls or to receive and respond to your emails on your behalf!

MyBranch provides personalised, flexible coworking office space, stunning shared workspace, and cost-effective Virtual Office Space, which is ideal for business consultants, freelancers, small businesses, start-ups, and even large corporations and organisations looking for a professional and affordable office space.

In addition to fully furnished air-conditioned offices, customised office layouts, housekeeping services, workstations, logo space on signage wall, full IT support, and hassle free management of multiple contractors for fit-outs and other amenities, coworking space in Bareja offers a variety of other benefits.

The best part is that you can customise your shared workspace to meet your specific business needs, and you can add more as your company grows.

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Angan Annexe Commercial Coop soc Ltd ,Bareja
Bareja ,India

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